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Private Public Adjusters help recover more money from insurance companies in flood claims.

Public adjusters can help with water damage claims

Property damages caused by water are one of the most common reasons why people have to file claims to the insurance company – and a leading public adjuster will help you to get a good settlement with the insurer. Broken pipes, kitchen and bathroom appliances that leak, flooded basements, compromised floors, are unpleasant events that every homeowner encounters once in a while. There is a specific problem related to water claims: the insurance companies will cling to any detail to prove they don’t actually have to cover for your losses. This is why, in case of water damage to your property, the first thing you need to do is hire a good public adjuster.

    • If your home was damaged because of water, first document all damages with detailed pictures. Then, call a leading public adjuster and your insurance company.
    • Read your insurance policy carefully prior to filing the claim. As you’ll notice, insurance companies have an extremely limited use of certain terms, and this limitation usually works on their behalf, not yours. For example, “flooding”, as something caused by the overflow of a river or lake, is not covered under general house insurance. So, when you file a claim to the insurance company, because a burst pipe flooded your first floor, don’t use the word “flood” when filing your claim. The insurance company might deny it, since you’re not covered for flooding. To avoid such situations, a public adjuster is your best ally.
    • Insurance companies will attempt to deny your water damage claim under the “house maintenance” umbrella. They will try to prove that your burst pipes or leaking dishwasher were not an accident, but caused by poor maintenance. Don’t accept such arguments if you feel the water damage was accidental: you are entitled to your claim check, and the insurance company has to cover for all your water related damages.

A Leading public adjuster will help assess your damages and will negotiate a fair settlement with your insurance company.

Foolproof your property against claim denials from your insurance company

Ideally, before your home or business is damaged, you have had the chance to properly document the condition of your property. Most commonly, when insurance companies deny a claim, it is because the home or business owners failed to maintain accurate records to prove the condition of their property before the storm. For example, if you have installed a new roof 5 year ago that was guaranteed for 30 years, you will need to prove that your roof was in excellent condition and show proper documentation about its warrantee, or your insurance company depreciate the roof a lot more, as if it had a 10 years warranty and was in poor condition. In many cases, the insurance companies will reply with a claim denial for reasons like “pre-existing condition” or “failure to maintain”. What this means, is that they ‘believe’ your property was damaged before the event. The best way to avoid these scenarios is by thoroughly documenting the condition of your property ahead of time.

Most insurance companies will encourage you to take a home inventory. It is of course an excellent idea. It is easy enough to do, and will save a lot of hassle later on. However, they don’t really explain how to properly document the condition of the most expensive items in your home or business, like your windows and doors, your roof, kitchens and bathrooms, etc. Make sure you save recipes from any upgrades in a safe place. And take lots and lots of pictures.

Also, if your losses were substantial, don’t hesitate to talk to a professional loss consultant to avoid an insurance claim denial. Find a leading private property adjuster in our directory, and let them help you get the settlement you deserve.