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For business or residential Property Damage, hire a Public Adjuster!

Public Adjusters are private insurance adjusters representing the policy-holder, not the insurance company. As consumer advocates, loss consultants and claim specialists they will estimate the amount of loss you sustained, file your insurance claim, and negotiate your insurance settlement maximizing your claim recovery. Most Public Adjusters work on a contingency basis, and work for a percentage of the claim.
Most of the time the settlement obtained through a Public Adjuster is much higher than a settlement received without the help of a Public or Private Adjuster.

Public Adjusters usually handle all types of property claims, like: fire, wind, storm, tornado, flood, mold, lightning, sinkhole, collapse, hidden decay, structural damage, business interruption if its a commercial property, denied claims, and sometimes are able to re-open claims.

Some Private Public Adjusters specialize in only residential cases, but other Public Adjusting companies handle all types of losses such as: Residential, Condominiums, Business, Restaurants, Franchises, Apartment complexes or Apartments, Warehouses and storage buildings, and almost all other property insurance claim.