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Tips on hiring a public adjuster

The time and energy required for documenting a property loss claim and negotiating with the insurance company for the settlement you deserve after you had just been through a fire, ...

Public adjusters can help with water damage claims

Property damages caused by water are one of the most common reasons why people have to file claims to the insurance company – and a leading public adjuster will help you to get a g ...

Public adjusters help you get a fair settlement for your fire claim

Hiring a public adjuster will increase your chances of a timely and fair claim settlement in the insurance claim process. After a fire loss, a public adjuster will help you navigat ...

Our member Public Adjusters help businesses and individuals who have suffered economic losses caused by fire, flood, wind, and other natural calamities with insurance claims negotiations for the best possible settlements.  The public adjusters in the Leading Public Adjusters Directory are selected from the most reputable and experienced public adjusters in each state.  To find a public adjuster in your state, please refer to our Public Adjuster Directory by clicking the Public Adjuster Directory menu item.

Public Adjusters Directory

  • Fire Claims

    Find leading public adjusters to help with your smoke or fire insurance claim
  • Theft and Vandalism

    Find a leading public adjuster to help with your vandalism damage or theft claim.
  • Water Damage Claims

    Find Public Adjusters to help with your water loss claim or flood insurance claim
  • Wind Claims

    Find Public Adjusters to help with your wind loss claim, tornado or storm damage claim

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A public adjuster, on the other hand, will perform an independent assessment of the losses, will help you understand your rights and file your claim properly, will help collect the supporting evidence to substantiate the claim while also having the necessary expertise to negotiate with the insurance company from the same level. Hiring a pubic adjuster generally increases someone’s claim payment by a significant amount, and thus cutting into the insurance company profits.

If you suffered a property loss, call a public adjuster as soon as possible. The services that the Public Adjusters provide can be crucial for the success of your claim. In exchange a small percentage of the extra money they can recuperate, the Public Adjuster will assess damages, will take pictures and will estimate the cost of restoring your property, negotiate with the insurance company and handle all paperwork.

Besides assuming the responsibilities of getting your claim filled and processed, the adjuster will have all the necessary expertise to assure you are not getting the short end of the stick, while also keeping on top of things for a timely payout.


The insurance business is a thriving one. Because of state laws, or for our peace of mind, we have to and want to buy all kinds of insurance. Insurance companies love having us as customers, as long as we pay the premiums and we don’t make any claims. If we file a claim, if our credit...

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